Monday , November 18 2019

This Is What Happens When You Press This Point For 45 Seconds – The Result Is Unbelievable…

Acupressure therapy is a very famous acupuncture pressure in China. Lately, it has started to be used in many other countries all over the world. It is described by the pressure put on key points in our body, in order to relax you and treat various health problems.

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According to the specialists, there is an energy – qi (chi) – which flows through this particular points, estimated at 400. These points are focused in meridians, which are 12, and which are meant to connect human organs. Generally, when these meridians lose balance, illnesses appear.

They can bring you many benefits:

  • Stimulate blood circulation;
  • Increase the endorphin production;
  • Control the muscle tension;
  • Relieve various types of pain or ache.

How to they work?

It is very simple. All you have to do is pressure a certain area in a moderate way for several seconds and then release the area. A very important and helpful trick is to take deep breaths during the acupressure, if you desire better results.

Third Eye acupressure point


  • It stimulates your memory;
  • It relieves headaches, insomnia, stress or tiredness;
  • It controls your emotions and feelings;
  • It calms your mind.


Close your eyes and locate the acupressure point, which should be at the very middle of the triangle formed between your eyebrows and your nose. Press this point with your middle finger for at most one minute, then slowly release. Repeat this procedure several times per week.[/expand]


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