Monday , November 18 2019

Lose Up To 22Lbs in 30 days with this incredible drink for fast weight loss

Parsley is a very famous plant all over the world for the special taste that it gives to your dishes. But, apart from that, did you know that it has many other properties that make it a strong remedy against health issues such as kidney disease, digestion or urinary issues?

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You can use parsley root or leaves to prepare various remedies. Here are two drinks that will have immediate results.

Remedy 1:

Squeeze 1 lemon and combine it with 60 gr of chopped parsley and place them in a jar. Add 60ml of hot water and let the mixture sit and cool down for several minutes before consumption.

You can consume this remedy whenever you want, however you should avoid drinking it before bedtime as it determines you to go to the toilet quite often, in order to eliminate the toxins from your body. This happens because parsley is rich in antioxidants that purify your system and has anti-bacterial properties, managing to kill the harmful bacteria in your body.

Remedy 2:

Blend a handful of parsley leaves with the juice you obtain from one lemon and mix it with 2-3 dl of water.  Consume this natural remedy as soon as possible in order to provide you system with all the nutrients found in this mixture. If you are not very enthusiastic with the taste, you can add some honey, stevia or maple syrup. It will make it sweeter.

Drink this juice every morning before breakfast, for about 5 days. Take a 10 days break, then repeat the treatment for another 5 days. By this time you should notice a change in weight.


Pregnant women or those who breast feed their babies should not consume these drinks as they may change the composition of their milk.[/expand]


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