Monday , November 18 2019

Lemon with Garlic Mixture: Perfect for Clearing Heart Blockages

Lemon and garlic are usually used to prepare various dishes and salads. And God, how they are good! But did you know that these two ingredients have other benefits and they can help you control your cholesterol levels and improve the health of your arteries.

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Remedy 1

In a pot, add 1 cup of fresh lemon juice, along with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of freshly squeezed garlic juice and 1 cup of grated ginger root. Let the ingredients boil, then add 3 cups of organic honey. Remove from heat and move the resulting mixture in glass bottles, storing them in the fridge.

Consume 1 tbsp of this remedy on an empty stomach. Repeat the treatment every day.

Remedy 2

In a pot, add 30 chopped garlic cloves and 6 peeled lemons that you have previously cut. Blend the ingredients together with some water then add 2l of water. Let the mixture boil for about 5 minutes, then remove from heat and let it cool down. Store the remedy in a glass bottle, preferably in the refrigerator.

Consume 50ml of remedy on a daily basis for 3 weeks in a row, then take a 1 week break. Start consuming the remedy (50ml a day) for another 3 weeks.

We recommend you to repeat this procedure 2 times a year in order to keep your heart healthy and your arteries clean.[/expand]


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