Monday , November 18 2019

Extreme Tiredness and Itchy Skin May Mean You Have THIS Serious Liver Disorder

Primary biliary cirrhosis is a disease that affects the liver and causes scarred and swollen bile duts. It is thought to be an autoimmune issue, particularly because the bile is produced by the liver and supports it in the toxin elimination process.

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This disease is very dangerous and theoretically can be cured with a liver transplant. I say theoretically, because practically, among 25% of the patients, the disease re-appeared.


Itchy skin – medically known as pruritus is a very severe form of itching that is caused by the liver’s malfunctioning. In other words, the toxins that remain in the body cause a very severe irritation that can only be relieved with antihistamines. In spite of this remedy, you should know that it is only a temporary remedy, because the antihistamines are not able to cure the primary biliary cirrhosis.

Fatigue – is one of the first signs that announce such a disease.  When the liver fails to function properly, it deposes much more effort to complete its duty, consuming a much more quantity of energy than it usually does. Also, your organism is full of harmful toxins that slow down the functions of every organ, making you feel tired all the time.

Dryness at the eye or mouth level – is another symptom of this disease that appears because of the toxins ‘sheltered’ in your body which reduce the saliva and tear production. This will lead to itchy eyes and a continuous sensation of dryness in your mouth.

Arthritis or bone pain – can also appear, but in a more advanced stage of the disease, also having as a main factor the toxins.[/expand]


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