Monday , November 18 2019

3 Ingredients That Can Cure Clogged Arteries, Blood Fats, Infections And Colds!


Combine 4 sliced lemons with 4 large peeled heads of garlic and 1 small ginger root. Blend the ingredients well then place the resulting mixture in a metal pot. Add 2l of water and let it sit on heat until it reaches the boiling point. Let it cool down, then strain and store the remedy in glass bottles.

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Drink 1 glass of this remedy every day on an empty stomach. Before you consume it, we recommend you to shake the bottle in order to allow all nutrients to reach your body.


  • It controls the fat levels in your blood;
  • It detoxes your liver;
  • It reduces the risk of clogged arteries;
  • It strengthens your immunity;
  • It gives you energy for the entire day;
  • It protects you from the action of free radicals, which are responsible for a great variety of diseases, generally related to the respiratory system and heart.[/expand]


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